Old Man

Italian Mediterranean-style Restaurant
Open: Mon - Fri. for Lunch 11-3
Sat. Brunch and Lunch 11 - 3
Sun Brunch & Lunch 10-3 ( 11-3 Nov-May)
Dinner Mon - Sunday 5-9

828 883 4841


Dinner Menu

Zuppa: Soup
Tomato and Fennel 4.00
Crab and Sherry bisque 6.00
Zuppa Del Giorno: soup of the day

Insalate e Antipasti: Salads and Appetizers

Insalata di barbabietole: Beet salad with gorgonzola cheese,
caramelized spicy walnuts over baby greens with a vinaigrette dressing. 7.00

Insalata romana: Romaine salad with a warm gorgonzola
dressing topped with crispy Applewood smoked bacon 7.00
With choice of grilled or crispy chicken 11.00

Insalata de Greek: Greek salad with feta cheese, olives and
roasted red peppers 7.00 With shrimp 11.00

Marco Salad: Arugula with x virgin olive oil, red sea salt,
grilled lemon and goat cheese crostini 7.00

Piatto di fromaggi: cheese plate with gorgonzola, agedparmesan-reggiano
and a truffle goat cheese drizzled with honey and served with fig spread, olive salad
and warm house bread 10.00

Fritto con paprika: large basket of homemade fries
tossed in paprika and served with warm gorgonzola cream sauce 5.00

Piatto D'Entrata:


Spaghetti and homemade meatballs 13.00

Pollo parmigiano: crispy chicken parmesan over tomato spaghetti 14.00

Eggplant parmigiano: stacked baked eggplant with homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella 13.00

Smoked sausage, shrimp and walnuts over butternut squash ravioli
with a sage brown butter sauce 16.00

Orecchiette pasta with scallops, shrimp and sundried tomatoes
in a goat cheese, basil cream sauce 17.00

Roasted vegetables and pesto over penne pasta 14.00

Leg of Lamb with cannelini beans, goat cheese
and arugula on flat bread with side of ratatouille 16.00

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Wood Oven Pizza
Homemade with King Arthur non bromated, non bleached flour

Marguerita: homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil
and balsamic glaze drizzle 12.00

Fromaggi: fontina, goat cheese, mozzarella and parmesan
with roma tomatoes 12.00

Bianca: ricotta cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary
and grapes 12.00

Florentine: spinach, diced chicken, roma tomatoes,
ricotta cheese and fresh garlic 13.00

Gorgonzola: sautéed mushrooms, proscuitto and
pesto with a gorgonzola sauce 13.00

Spicy meatball: sautéed onions and peppers, oregano, homemade meatballs, tomato sauce and mozzarella 13.00

Farm: goat cheese, cannelini beans, pancetta and fresh arugula 13.00

Make your own pizza
Choose up to 4 toppings 14.00
Comes with tomato sauce and mozzarella

homemade meatballs, Italian sausage, proscuitto, grilled diced chicken, sautéed onions and peppers, caramelized
rosemary onions, mushrooms, ricotta cheese, goat cheese, calamata olives
, anchovies, spinach, roma tomatoes, fresh garlic

20% gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more 2.00 per person charge for desserts brought in house
Chef split plate fee 3.00



Art Terrace
Located in Brevard, North Carolina
204 West Main Street
Brevard NC 28712
828 883 4841
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